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Monday, December 23, 2013

Rainbow Trout Christmas Present

Every year Baton Rouge BREC Parks stock Hatchery Rainbow Trout in a few of the Park ponds.  In addition to this year they have also stocked the Lamar Dixon Pond as well.  Gives everyone a chance to experience a different type of fishing in Southern Louisiana. 

Made the trip up to Baton Rouge yesterday for a little Rainbeaux action.  Was going to start out at Lamar Dixon but opted to keep going to Forest Park after seeing the wind conditions.  Arrived at Forest Park and met up with Glen "Catch" Cormier and Kevin "Musicdoc" Andry.  Us fly guys were putting it to the commie tackle until about 10:30 and it became pretty even catch ratio.  The Trout at Forest seem to be deep and Buggers were the ticket in Black or Olive.

Highlight was meeting a kid who showed up with a spinning rod and a Fly Rod that he got for Christmas.  He chose the fly rod after seeing us catch trout after trout.  After a little help from all 3 of us on his casting he got it together and caught is first rainbow on a fly.  Around noon we called it quits with roughly a dozen trout caught by each of us.  Musicdoc had plans so myself and Catch headed to The Green Trout Fly Shop to visit with Larry Offner.  Green Trout Fly Shop is located at 3753 Perkins Road, Suite #6, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.  Shop hours are Monday - Friday 9-6 & Saturday 10-2, Closed on Sunday.   Great conversations were had and the cupcakes next door at Cupcake Allie are AWESOME!!!!!  2:00 came and the 3 of us decided to head to Perkins.  The trout at Perkins were totally different than Forest Park.  These trout were really active rising and jumping.  Knowing that a few trout were caught on Dry Flies earlier by Joe Kahler, Larry opted to give it a try but just couldn't get away from them darn pesky Bluegill.  Well after figuring out they wanted weightless Prince Nymphs the action picked up

Caught roughly about a dozen more fish.  We assisted another youngster in his fly casting.  Shortly after leaving we learned he also caught his first Rainbow on the Fly.
  Action died off around 4:00 and Larry had to leave and I need to get back to Houma.  Overall it was a great trip with lots of fish and great conversations and delicious Pecan Pie Cupcakes (hint hint).  Hope to return soon for some more fun.

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  1. Great report man! Soon, Ill get up there to get my first Rainbeaux