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Fin-Addict Fly Fishers montly meetings will be held on the last Monday of each month at Spahr's Seafood Resturant in Houma inside the Ramada Inn at 1400 W. Tunnel Blvd. @ 6:30 pm. General Membership can be taken at the meeting. You can print out the membership form from the link on the left side of the page or a form can be filled out at the meetings. We will be holding fly tying, fly casting and hope to have some guest speakers. Hope to see you there.

Monday, September 16, 2013

5th Annual NOFF Rio Rodeo Recap

1st Place Tie:  Stephen Robert  FAFF   9 3/4"
           Peter Hopkins  NOFF
2nd:  Pete Bongiovanni  RSFF   8 1/2"
3rd:   Mike Herbster  CFC   7 1/2"
4th:   Sean Gilthorpe  NOFF  6 3/4"
5th:   Joe Bandera  NOFF  6 1/4"
6th:   Bill De Castro  NOFF  5 3/8"

Special thanks to the New Orleans Fly Fishers for putting on a great event.  Had a blast spotting Rio's, Bluegill & Bass in the City Park Lagoons.  Managed to see a bunch of Rio's, but they are a very tough fish to convince to bite when they are protecting their fry.  I managed to hook a big Rio early, but he managed to escape at the shoreline.  This Rio would have been over 10" easy.  Mad at myself for the way I managed trying to catch that fish, I regrouped and started to target more Rio's that were close by.  After a few hours of chasing Rio's and catching a nice Bluegill and talking to some good friends, I decided to return to the scene for another shot.  I notice that the time was winding down and didn't have time to make the walk, I took a risky move.  I parked in a location that I thought I was going to be told to move and that I couldn't fish.  took a few steps and was able to spot a large Rio.  Quickly changed flies and tossed it out and I watched the Rio take the fly, I quickly set the hook and landed the fish.  I quickly loaded up the gear and headed to meeting place.  I knew I was close to the other Rio that I had seen caught by another angler earlier but wasn't sure if I had him beat.  It was amazing to see 2 fish that were exactly the same length.  After several attemts to determine a winner it was clear that it was a tie.  Truly an exciting moment that no one expected.  Once again it was a great day talking with great friends and making new ones.  Really enjoyed the food and competition.  Once again special thanks to the New Orleans Fly Fishers and Larry Offner and the Green Trout Fly Shop for some really excellent awards.  Can't wait till next year.

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