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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Starting 2014 off with a Coldwater treat...

Starting off the new year with a cold water treat.  Headed to Baton Rouge with a few fellow members from the club for a little Rainbeaux surprise.  Arrived at our first location around 8 and there were 2 bait chunkers catching a few trout.  Also met up with "ScottyP" who had been there for a while but the action was really, really slow.
Passed some good conversations and after the sun came up we finally started to get a few strikes on buggers (Dark Olive or a Beadhead Pheasent Tail Nymph).  Congrats to Dustin for catching his first Rainbow.
 Shortly after releasing Chad hooked up on one as well using a Beadhead Pheasent Tail Nymph.
I worked my way around the pond and finally figured out a slow pattern and was able to land 2 Rainbows and a beautiful little Bluegill.  Catching these guys on the 2wt is a blast by the way.

We decided to call it quits and grab some lunch and then head on over to Green Trout Fly Shop and pick up a few things and some tasty treats as well.  We then headed to our second location and were greeted with an army of bait chunkers pounding away at the pond Chad landed one Rainbow while Dustin was playing with Bluegills.
I made a few contacts and quickly decided to pack it up and head to a third location.  Met up with Rob and had some good action for the last hour of our day.  Chad landed another Rainbow on a bugger.
 I managed to land 3 more Rainbows all on Buggers.

The trout at the third location seem to be very healthy and had alot better color to them then at the previous locations.  All fish were released to fight again.
All in all it was a great day to get out with great friends and catch some fish to start the year off.

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