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Helping to Promote, Encourage & Enjoy Fly Fishing for Freshwater, Inshore & Offshore Saltwater to Blue Water Big Game in the surrouning area.

Fin-Addict Fly Fishers montly meetings will be held on the last Monday of each month at Spahr's Seafood Resturant in Houma inside the Ramada Inn at 1400 W. Tunnel Blvd. @ 6:30 pm. General Membership can be taken at the meeting. You can print out the membership form from the link on the left side of the page or a form can be filled out at the meetings. We will be holding fly tying, fly casting and hope to have some guest speakers. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 Year In Review........

I really didn't know what to expect when I jumped into this club organization process.  I was very impressed to say that in our first year we had 12 members, and among those 12 members we had 4 of those as family members & 2 as new to the sport of Fly Fishing.  I had the privilege to meet some really great people and make some new friends.  I hope the friendships that were established will grow and lead to great things.  We all faced challenges with fishing closures due to the oil spill crisis, but did manage to get in fishing time as the year progressed.  We close out the 2010 year and begin our 2nd year with the hopes that it will be as great as the response that was recieved from the LA Sport, Boat & RV Show that was held in the Houma Terrebonne Civic Center on January 14th through the 16th.  I hope to have a few fishing outings with our club or even if we join in with the other clubs that may be holding events in the areas nearby.  Just because you are a member of the Fin-Addict Fly Fishers doesn't mean that you are only eligible to do things with just our club.  We have been openly invited on multiple occasions to attend any functions with the Baton Rouge Red Stick Club. 

I would also like to Congratulate Ricky Turner on breaking the Sportsman's League Rodeo Record Redfish on the Fly Rod this past year, which was held previously by myself.  I have made some changes to the website as some of you may have already seen.  The Photo Gallery has been changed to slide shows  instead of individual pictures to save space on the site.  The individual pictures can still be accessed if you click on the view all button on the bottom of the slide show.  I will also be making some changes to the Video section to hopefully correct the lag in the videos and just run them through http://www.youtube.com/

Also, there is an open invitation to anyone in the club whether it be a member or a friend of yours that may be interested in joining us for a trip.  A few of us will be going to Murfreesboro, Arkansas to fish the Little Missouri River for Rainbow Trout, and if it is possible, maybe a Brown Trout if they exist in the river.  We will be leaving on Thursday February 24th and returning on Sunday February 27th.  If you wish to join us please contact me through the club email address:  finaddictflyfishers@gmail.com or through the Contact Us page on the site. 

The Fin-Addict Fly Fishers is a very openly run club.  If there is anything that anyone would like to know more about, or would like to bring up and discuss, please feel free to speak.  We are a small group but hope to grow.  Once again I would like to say thanks to everyone that participated in our first year, and for making it a big success.  Also, I would like to thank those that helped out at the show this past weekend.  Your help was greatly appreciated.  May your fly rods be bent and your fishing be plentiful. 

Thanks & See ya' soon.

Stephen M. Robert

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